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Our Services

Here at Pacific, we cater to all of your needs. Listed below are the services we provide each and every one of our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

At Pacific, we have our very own truck fleet that when you order 100 pounds or over, we can deliver to your location. We deliver throughout Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho. If we are unable to deliver to your location, we have other options for you.

Saw Cutting

We have multiple saws in our facility and are able to cut your material to the size that you need. We are able to do multiple cuts, high speed cutting, and maintain tight tolerances.

Material Identification

At our facility, we are able to identify your material chemistry. Using the latest technology, we are able to determine material composition using our X. R. F. analyzer.

Buyout Options

Even if we don't carry what you need in stock, we can go through our purchasing department to try and find what you need elsewhere at no additional charge.

Emergency Call-outs

In a pinch after hours? We have an emergency phone line for after hour orders.

Material Testing

If you need your material tested, we can send it out to get tested and get you a test certification.


We have many affiliates that we can send your product off to get your material ground for you.

Turning and Polishing

We have many affiliates that we can send your product off to get your material turned and polished for you.

Heat Treating

Do you need your material to be heat treated? We can send your material off to one of our affiliates to get it heat treated to your specifications.

3445 NW Luzon St Portland, OR 97210
Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
Phone: 503-226-7656  800-547-1091
Fax: 503-226-7588
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