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A-514 "T-1"

a514 plate_edited.png

PACIFIC Hot Rolled Steel Plate stock is available as either full plates or SE®-Bars (Saw Edge). PACIFIC introduced plate sawing to the Northwest in the 1970's and continues to lead the industry. Standard carbon and alloy steel plus quenched & tempered structural steel is made to square and flat bar sizes without a detrimental heat affected edge. This saves time and costs associated with stress relieving bars which have been flame cut. Standard SE®-Bars widths are offered in 1/4" increments through 3" wide, 1/2" increments over 3" through 6" wide and 1" increments over 6" through 12" wide; available in cut pieces to full bars. Custom widths are available to 25" wide in full bars only (approximately 12 ft.)

A514 is a structural ASTM grade. It is a low carbon alloy grade which has been mill heat treated. Condition is quenched and tempered to 1000,000 psi minimum in thickness through 2-1/2 inches (90,000 psi minimum, over 2-1/2" through 6").

Chemical Composition

Heat Analysis - ranges and limits %. Chemistry by % based on Grade E






.035 Max


.035 Max







Typical Properties

Approximate - not  for specification

Tensile (psi)

120,000 approx.

Yield (psi)

100 min

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